Slot Review: World Warrior – Street Fighter 2

As you make your way to the arena, it’s important to settle on a budget that works for you. Betting ranges from 20 cents to $700, making this game suitable for participants with a wide range of disposable incomes. The next step is to hit the spin button to begin play.

You may also use the Autoplay button to set the reels in motion for a certain number of times. When a combination of 4 identical symbols appears in a vertical or horizontal line, a win is awarded.

The World Warrior Slot Game, Featuring Street Fighter II: More Information


Players who are familiar with the Street Fighter 2 video games and are looking to diversify their entertainment options will like the online slots platform. With the return of fan-favorite fighters in NetEnt’s new Street Fighter 2: World Warrior slot, gamers are in for an action-packed gaming experience.


Which opponents will you face? Choose your challenger and we’ll begin. If you play your cards well, though, you may walk away with a fortune from this performance.


Slot machine developer NetEnt has released a new game based on the popular arcade game Street Fighter II: The World Warrior. The slot’s 96.06% RTP and medium-to-high volatility make it best suited for players who are willing to take on more risk. There are several exciting extras to enjoy, such as “Beat the Boss,” “Wild Gauge,” and “Car Smash Bonus,” to name just a few. You really should play Street Fighter 2 if you enjoy online slot machines or if you enjoy classic visuals.

Can you tell me about Street Fighter 2: World Warrior’s features?


Video slot maker NetEnt has released a Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior game. The game utilizes the cluster pays system and is played on a 5×5 grid. The game’s aesthetic was influenced by Capcom’s Street Fighter arcade game from 1991.


The video slot is loaded with additional features, including the ability to pick your adversaries and win tons of free games with multipliers. There’s also a secret bonus round with wild symbols that can help you win more money.


Staying true to its premise, you’ll enjoy interacting with all your favorite characters and determining who reigns supreme. Ryu, Guille, Dhalsim, E. Honda, Ken, and Blanca lead a team of eight other fighters in symbols with the greatest values.


Zangief and Chun-Li are a couple of the others.  The payouts for the various symbols vary widely among the game modes. Each comes in two variations: a triumphant one and a disheartening one. The symbols might also show up in 22 mega symbol stacks.


The A, J, K, and Q poker card values are the lowest paying symbols. The lesser paying symbols keep their values regardless of the current feature.


Added Value Functions

There’s a lot more to Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior than just letting you see who has the highest rating. Like the original Street Fighter game, this one features several stages and collectible items at the end of each one. Some of the features are:


A Win That Keeps On Giving

The winning icons are swapped out for new ones, while the rest are eliminated. This increases the likelihood that the newly introduced symbols will make other winning combinations, and it will keep doing so indefinitely.


Free-Spin Games with Multiple Levels

You start by picking a character to combat, and when you win, you get access to the first of four boss games, each of which grants you an infinite number of free spins and a multiplier.


The Boss-Busting Free-Spins Bonus

To advance to the next level and face the next boss, you must win battles against lesser opponents. Here, your free spins wins can be multiplied by up to ten times for M. Bison, five times for Sagat, three times for Vega, and two times for Balrog.  If you complete the Beat the Boss free spins challenge without being vanquished, you will get an extra bonus of 100X.


If you were knocked out by the boss during a game, you can try again by using the Insert Coin Gamble option. However, keep in mind that you can only use this bonus once after each Beat the Bonus free spins round.


Both the chance cost and the RTP variation, which may increase to very high levels, are clearly displayed.


Insane Pressure Gauge

The game’s volatility ranges from frequent wins to occasional massive ones, and it all depends on the character you choose to initiate combat with. The volatility levels are affected by the following characters:


Reduced Uncertainty


Dhalsim has a return to player percentage of 4%, with wilds appearing everywhere on the grid.

With Honda, you may get three wilds on a single reel and an RTP of 96.05%.

With Ryu, you may get a return to player (RTP) of 96.02% and three wilds on a single row.

Moderate Uncertainty


Guillle has an RTP of 96.04% and features two additional wild symbols over two vertical layers.

Zangief has a theoretical return to player (RTP) of 96.08% and has 2 wild symbols stacked horizontally.

Ken awards an RTP of 96.06% and can trigger an additional 1–5 wilds on the same row.

Extremely Unstable


RTP for Chun Li is 96.08 percent, and she may add anywhere from two to seven wilds to your reels at any given time.

Blanka has a return to player percentage of 96.08% and may stack up to five wild symbols on a single reel.

To activate the wild modifications, the wild gauge meter for each premium symbol must be filled to a total of 7 points.


Bonus Round: Crashing Cars

When the health of your chosen fighter reaches zero, the function will activate. You’ve just conceded defeat in the war. Don’t worry, though; if you crash the car, you’ll still earn 5–15 times your original wager.


The appeal of Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior stems from several factors.

Whether or not you like the first Street Fighter video game, Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior is a fun and challenging game to try. You’ll be in a good mood while you cheer on your favorite fighter thanks to the game’s excellent visuals, animations, and sound effects. You may expect to win big because to the numerous bonus bonuses.


Review Synopsis for the New Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior Video Game

The developers at NetEnt made sure that everyone could easily access the Street Fighter 2 game. To try out the game’s features risk-free, you may download the demo and play it on your computer or mobile device. If you prefer, you may play for real money at any of the NetEnt casinos, where the special bonus features will lead to a hefty payoff if you win.


This slot game has a number of cool features that high rollers will like. Maximum wager per spin is €700 ($730).

The ROI of 96.06% is satisfactory.


Some players may find the game’s mechanics to be too foreign.

Inadequate Payout Potential

Initially, it may seem a bit convoluted.

Extremely Unstable






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